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Vintage Medicines
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Vintage Medicines

A personal collection of Old Liniments, Rubs and Pills.
None of these items are for sale from the Z-M-O Company.

Zaegel's Essence Pills

Zaegle's Essence Pills for Constipation

Photo courtesy B. V.

Max R. Zaegel made more than just Z-M-O. This is a trial sample of Zaegel's Essence Pills, shown here about actual size. This little tin contains three pills, the accompanying ad says you can buy 70 pills for 35 cents. When I found these pills, it was the first I had ever heard of this Zaegel product. We have had inquiries about some green drops which were created by Zaegel, but we believe them to be out of production.
Another version of the Zaegle Essence Pill tin is shown below. Notice the tin above does not carry the words "A Life Preserver."

Photo courtesy Ron Holloway

Dr. Blair's Hi-Power Liniment.This bottle has a little bit of 
liniment left in it. It along with the other bottles and tins
are on display here for their historical and special interest value only.

DeWitt's Golden Liniment

Photo by Rick Lakin


Heil-Oil Liniment.
The preceding three bottles are examples of external pain relievers from the past. The Heil-Oil Liniment came in a box printed in both English and German language.

Photo by Rick Lakin

Zemo Ointment. This product was still available as recently as the 1970's. We have not seen it on the shelves for some time. We know little about this product, except that it has a  name which suggests it was in direct competition with 
Z-M-O Oil. It contained two of the same ingredients: Menthol and Methyl Salicylate; as Z-M-O. We found this tin in an antique store. The tin is about three inches in diameter and came filled with fish hooks. Ironically, we have often used Z-M-O Oil to take the pain out of a fish-hook injury.

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