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The following letters and testimonies have been provided by people who have experienced good results using Z-M-O Oil.

Those who have used Z-M-O Oil say:

September 18, 2001
About three weeks ago, a brown recluse spider bit me. When I went to see my physician a few days later, he informed me that this was very serious and that consequently I could suffer tissue damage. He put me on antibiotics for the infection; however, he told me that there was no ANTITOXIN for this bite.
        A neighbor called me and offered to bring over ZMO Oil to try. She told me that while she was growing up on a farm, her family used it. Being originally form New York City, I was a little skeptical at first; however, since my doctor couldn't prescribe anything for the poison, I figured I'd give it a try. Within two days, the necrosis cam to a head and by the third day, all the poison (pus) literally drained out. If my husband and I didn't see this "MIRACLE" with our own eyes, we would never have believed it.
       I went back for a follow-up with my doctor a few days later. To say that he was amazed with my "recover" doesn't even begin to describe his reaction. He told me that I am so far advanced in my recovery and more than likely will not sustain any tissue loss. And he wants me to continue using the ZMO Oil.
       I can't possibly thank you enough for developing this product which I can't say enough about. For me, ZMO Oil equals "Miracle."
Ivy White - Las Cruces, NM
May 2000
First, we would like to say that we appreciate that through the years you all have not thought it necessary to change ZMO Oil, or change the familiar logo.
       My wife, Pam, was born and raised in East Texas.  My
80-year-old father-in-law, B. J. Spurlock, Jr., has, for many years, extolled the values of ZMO Oil.  Any time any member of the family gets a bruise or scratch or cut, B. J. pulls out the cure-all ZMO.  B. J. always obtained his ZMO from his Uncle Theo Chandler, who always bought it by the case.
       Well, B. J. is down to his last bottle . . . , and we will be purchasing a new supply for him.  B. J. is quite possibly your most loyal ZMO consumer, and a great advertisement.  We find it simply amazing (and great!) that you all are still in business after all these years!
        Keep up the good work!
Bryan K. Bunch -Mesquite, Texas


 I used Z-M-O through 6 years of military and college football. My grandfather started selling Z-M-O in 1917 in East Texas. My father promoted Z-M-O from 1940. My father's slogan was "Z-M-O cures everything but a broken heart." 

Harry Epperson - Euless, Texas

 "Get the Z-M-O" has been the cry in any emergency throughout my childhood, in raising my family, and continues in the homes of 8 grandchildren. We are very grateful that Z-M-O is still available. 

Mrs. G. U. Johnson - Provo, Utah

 I think Z-M-O can't be beat for all around use. I use it for rub in Rheumatism, arthritis, for burns, cuts and sprains. You feel so good after a bath with Z-M-O. 

Anna M. Koop - Cashmere, Washington

 If I have Z-M-O in my medicine cabinet, all I need is aspirin. Everything else can be thrown out. Without it, there isn't room enough for all the stuff. My parents were farmers and they used it on all the animal's injuries as well as for all 12 of us children. 

Mrs. Marylin M. Meyer - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My wife has used Z-M-O for years for arthritis pain. It's truly a miracle oil and God must've blessed it for we've given it out to dozens of folks (aged and young) who suffer from crippling arthritic conditions and it helps. I use it in the bath and it works fine after a hard day's work in my garden. 

Rev. R. W. Paquette - Hartsville, S.C.

 We have used Z-M-O for 60 years. It is our First Aid Cure All. We keep a bottle in the car; one upstairs and one downstairs. 
It is good for insect bites, cuts, burns, aches, etc. 
        Helps stop infection and bleeding. 

Ruth & Russell Schaffner - Columbus, Ohio

 The nurses were amazed that my bedridden father wasn't suffering from the common bedsores so many cancer patients get. We owe his comfort to Z-M-O. 

C. Johnson - Galena, Ohio
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