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The Z-M-O Company
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Counterfeit Product Alert
It has come to our attention that someone is attempting to reproduce Z-M-O Oil and sell it. The sample we received may have been purchased in Montana or Canada. The Z-M-O Company does not export genuine Z-M-O Oil into Canada.
The sample we received does not list the correct or complete ingredients that go into genuine Z-M-O Oil.
Counterfeit zmo image
This is a photo of the counterfeit bottle
and label which was purchased
and found to be
different from genuine Z-M-O Oil.
Be sure to look for the Grove City address and imprinted bottle number on genuine bottles of
Z-M-O Oil.
Z-M-O.com ZMOCompany.com


Genuine Z-M-O Image

Genuine Four Ounce Z-M-O Oil Image

NOTE: Z-M-O Oil (to the best of our knowledge) is the only remaining product developed by M. R. "Doc" Zaegel to be available today. Doc Zaegel was a Sheboygen, Wisconsin pharmacist from the mid 1800's to the early 1900's.

We invite your comments and questions regarding the company or this web site: Ask@z-m-o.com

The Z-M-O Company
P.O. Box 133
Galena Ohio, 43021-0133

Fax: 740-548-4929

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The Z-M-O Company
P.O. Box 133  Galena Ohio 43021-0133
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