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Q:    What is Z-M-O Oil good for?
A:    For temporary relief from minor pains of arthritis or rheumatism. Also soothes away aches and pains of sore muscles due to exposure and exercise. Helps to heal minor cuts or wounds; burns or scratches; relieves the pains and helps combat infection. Z-M-O Oil can be used for sore throats and stuffy noses, just rub it on the outside and it will be absorbed through the skin. The vapors will help you breath easier too.
Q:    Is Z-M-O Oil good for Bed Sores?
A:     Z-M-O Oil has been used for skin injuries and pain relief for more than 100 years.

Our family has used Z-M-O Oil for more than 80 years. We have used it on family members to relieve the pain and help promote healing for bed sores.

For most people it does not sting or burn upon application.

We cannot guarantee that Z-M-O will completely heal all bed
sores, but it should bring relief from the pain

You should see improvment within a week while using Z-M-O
consistently. Application three to four times per day is  recommended. Just dab Z-M-O on the affected area with a cotton ball.

Q:    Where can I use Z-M-O Oil?
A:     Z-M-O Oil is an external medicine and should never be taken internally or put in the eyes. It can be used on all 
areas of the skin to relieve pain and promote healing. For sore muscles you can massage Z-M-O into the area. Rub Z-M-O on your chest or throat when you have a cold and/or sore throat.

You can use Z-M-O on your pets for their injuries as well.

Q:    How did Z-M-O get its name?
A:     Z-M-O Oil was named by and for its creator Max R. Zaegel. The M is for Magic (according to a 1906 History) and the O is for Oil. Zaegel was a Pharmacist in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Today the building he and his partner, Dr. C. Muth,  built in 1886 is a designated landmark in Sheboygan. The three story building housed Zaegel and Company (pharmaceuticals), doctors' offices on the second floor and a college on the third floor. If you visit Sheboygan you can check out the building. It is located at the corner of 8th Street and New York Ave. To the best of our knowledge, today the ground floor houses a deli restaurant called New York on 8th Street. We had a good lunch there August 6, 2001.
Q:    What is Z-M-O Oil made from?
A:    Z-M-O Oil is a combination of Mineral Oil, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Turpentine, Camphor, Cottonseed Oil, Safrol and Oil of Eucalyptus. Developed by a pharmacist in the mid to late 1800's. See our History.
Q:    Why should I buy this kind of product through the mail, when I can go to the nearest store and buy many products that do the same thing?
A:     Good question! Z-M-O Oil is not nationally known because it is not on TV or Radio. In fact, we have done little or no advertising for many years. Therefore, you can not get it in the chain stores. Z-M-O Oil exists today, only because our loyal customers still find it to be the best, all-around first aid medication that they have ever used. In order to continue to offer this amazing oil, we are presenting it here on the web. We believe that once you have used it on a sunburn, your sore muscles, a painful joint, scrape or cut, you will know why you bought an old time remedy through the mail.
Q:    Why are your web pages in Green, Black, Red, White and Yellow?
A:     If you click on the Home Page, the photo shows our current labels on the Eight and Four ounce bottles in the front row. You will see that our labels match the colors on our web page. Z-M-O Oil is a golden yellow liquid. 
Q:    How much do I need?
A:    One 4 oz. bottle is a good supply for a new customer. For the average household, this will last many months depending on how often and how liberally it is applied.
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